imageRALEIGH (WTVD) — NC State Fair commissioner Steve Troxler does not believe aftermath from Hurricane Matthew will affect attendance this year. Troxler told ABC11 that he’s been receiving calls and emails from people who are glad the fair is here, as it will allow them a timely diversion from the flooding.

A great deal of concern also surrounds the livestock at the fair. Joseph Groce with JG Cattle Company says this year’s turnout from farmers shouldn’t be an issue because “guys want to compete.”

Groce also says some farmers lucked out by coming to the fair early.

“Most of them have got the cattle up before the storm and kept them so they wouldn’t be floated out or anything,” Groce said.

Last year’s opening day attendance was just shy of 51,000. The figures for this year’s opening day have not yet been released.

Susan Bavisotto from Raleigh took her sons to the fair Thursday afternoon to enjoy the sights and the sounds. “It’s good to see all the animals and all the people here, you know, with all the sad circumstances down east,” Bavisotto said. “It’s tragedy. But, it’s nice to be able to bring them here and enjoy the day.”

Cary resident Elizabeth Hughes, 20, invited many of her friends that were affected by Hurricane Matthew to the fair.

“I mean, people can’t get out. That’s probably the last thing on their mind,” Hughes told ABC11. “I’ve got some friends that are under water still. And I’ll go get them, you know, and bring them out here and lighten the mood for them.”

The fair runs until Oct. 23 and this year’s theme is “Nothing Could Be Finer.”


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