root-759x500There is room in the kingdom for awesomeness in Media!  Love it!!!,  Coco at The Industry Highlighter Magazine:)

*Another Premiere faith-based publication, Root Magazine, celebrates 8 successful years with the first “Leaders of the New School” issue. For the last several years, Root Magazine has thrilled readers with its insightful and interesting look at music, fashion, and lifestyle in the Gospel industry. 

  “I have never been more excited to release an issue of Root like I am with this ‘Leaders of the New School’ Edition. I love old school Hip Hop and I remember when the Leaders of the New School hit the scene in the 90’s. That group brought a sense of excitement to the Hip Hop genre and this current wave of artists that took part in our LONS photo shoot has brought the same sense of excitement to Gospel music,” said Editor-In-Chief, Robert Hasan James.

This special issue, which will debut next week at The Stellar Awards, features a number of exclusive photos and interviews. Included is an in-depth interview with Deon Kipping and how he’s winning his battle with cancer and a look at the growth of Gospel-Worship music and Praise & Worship leader William McDowell.

The issue provides exclusive photos from the exciting collaborative photo shoot with the genre’s top young artists. Never before has a collection of artists gathered together to participate in this type of magazine photo shoot. The ‘family-reunion’ style shoot allowed artists the opportunity to hang out, chill and have fun in a non-stress environment. Photographs were taken by Shalae Madison and art direction by Fatima Burke.

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