Brandy Flaunts New Boyfriend

IMG_1737*Brandy has a new boyfriend that she wants all of us to see.

The singer-actress took to Instagram with pics of herself boo’d up with Sir the Baptist, a rapper and preacher’s kid from Chicago whose government name is William James Stokes.

His name suggests he could be a Christian rapper, but in an interview with Essence, the artist says he aims to be the “connecting piece between our spirituality and our day-to-day world.”

He told of his moniker:

My dad was a pastor of a Baptist church that ultimately became a Pentecostal church. So I wanted to reference where I came from. Names come from places, time, and people’s lives. Also, John The Baptist was the forerunner for Jesus Christ. Everybody knows Jesus Christ, but not many people know about John The Baptist. The one thing about John The Baptist is that he’s this voice crying out in the wilderness. Being an artist out of Chiraq, I feel like it’s the wilderness. I wanted to be that voice of reason in a place that’s a little disturbed.







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