*Unfortunately, these are not good times for 87-year-old Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the world-famous Jackson family. She has suffered a stroke that left her struggling to speak or see, according to a RadarOnline report.

A number of sources have confirmed that the mother of the late Michael Jackson has been having huge health problems for a while now.

“She suffered the stroke about a week ago,” says one source. Mrs. Jackson was hospitalized, but she is now at home again and reportedly, she is having trouble with her sight and hearing. The good news is her condition is under control and her doctors are monitoring it.

Apparently, this is not the first stroke that she has had. Currently, she is at home recovering, surrounded by her big family.

Another insider confirmed the reports as well:

“She did have a small stroke. There have been a number of strokes over the years, and her overall health would be considered poor.”

The report says she was allegedly treated at a hospital in the San Fernando Valley area.

Katherine Jackson facts:

– She was born in Alabama in 1930 and helped mastermind one of the most successful families in music history.

– She married music manger Joe Jackson in 1949 and raised her family in Gary, Indiana.

– From 1950 until 1966, Jackson gave birth to ten children, including a pair of twins, Marlon and Brandon, the latter of whom died a few hours after birth.

– After her most famous son, Michael Jackson, died in 2009, she gained control of his estate and was awarded ‘guardianship’ of his three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, who all remain close to her.

We wish Katherine Jackson and her family all the best and hope and pray that she fully recovers from her reported stroke.


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