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*Wendy Williams apparently had no clue that the Clark Sisters are gospel music icons. But not to worry…the entire gospel community came through on Wednesday (April 18) to set her straight, including clapbacks from the likes of Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams.

It all started that morning during Wendy’s Hot Topics segment, when she said that the legendary group must feel bad that Snoop Dogg’s new gospel album “Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love” – which features the Clark Sisters – reached No. 1 on the gospel charts. Wendy basically assumed that the Clark Sisters had barely made a splash before Snoop came along.

If I were the Clark Sisters, would I be mad that Snoop got No. 1?” Wendy asked her audience. “You know the Clark Sisters, they’ve been doing gospel forever. Have they gotten No. 1?”

“Well,” she sighed, “Step up your game.”

Social media and church folk pounced immediately, in the name of Jesus.

Franklin, Adams, Deitrick Haddon, Fred Hammond and Tasha Cobbs were among the gospel artists who defended the Clarks and called on Wendy to step up her own game when it comes to facts.

Meanwhile, each of the Clark Sisters took to their Twitter accounts with the same Christ-like response, thanking fans for all of the support and focusing attention back on what’s really important – Jesus.

However, gospel singer Kierra Sheard, the daughter of Clark Sister, Karen Clark Sheard, reminded Wendy in her tweeted response: “These women have done more than number 1 on the charts. Their lives have matched what they sing about.”

She continued: “They managed to genuinely pray and show concern for you when YOU passed out, while the world waited for your demise.”

The YouTube Channel “Daytime Tea” sums it all up below, followed by comedian Lexi who goes ALL the way in:



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