Artist Humble

26179253_1735569496453560_953659870_oRobert McKinney better known in the music world as “Humble” is on the raise in Gospel Music. This North Carolina native with a passion for the word, music, and God’s people began is life in Green County.  At the age of 11 McKinney started preaching and shortly after began playing the drums at 13. By 15 he was playing the organ at his father’s church; he was gifted in music. No lessons just God using him to his glory. He perfected playing by ear; the first song he learned was by The Mighty Clouds of Joy entitled “This Is Just A Rehearsal”.  Later he heard Pastor John P. Kee and fell in love with uptempo songs and beats. As a teen Humble left The Greater Oasis Temple Church where his father Apostle SE McKinney is the Senior Pastor. Despite his upbringing he rebelled traded a life of Godly values for a life of violence, and singing in night clubs during the 90’s. Humble along with two brothers and two other young men formed the r&b group AM/FM. His message to today’s youth is to stay faithful to your call and ministry. There is favor in being faithful and you don’t have to cross over to achieve success.


Humble was able to perform one his songs at the Red Bud Classic in 1999. Being on the program with gospel greats Luther Barnes, Lee Williams, and Harvey Watkins, Jr. set off a musical spark that would inspire him to continue writing, playing, and singing.  His newly released single “He’s Alive” is current being marketing for radio airplay. Humble admits “I had gone some bad times in my life when it felt like I was going to lose my mind”. “The journey was rocky with divorce, sleeping in a friends van in the backyard, no food, or job” says Humble. He recognizes that God turned it all around for him. He smiles and lets the world know that Gospel music is a part of his life and there is NO turning back.

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