Sandra Hawkins: Viva Las Vegas

Copy of Magazine - Made with PosterMyWall (1)The Black Diamond ‘ Sandra Hawkins   ‘  Is soon to Debut Her Popular Variety Musical & Travel Showcase, ‘Viva Las Vegas with Black Diamond’ and Friends, Featuring Jazz/R&B Saxophonist ‘Mr D’ & ‘The Rowland Band’ in Local Hotel Lounges Throughout Central Texas and Louisiana 2018! We Know That There Are Many Other Musicians Out There Whom Are Doing The Same Thing That We’re Doing, And Everybody Is Trying To Make It In The Music Industry, But “Nobody Is Nobody” Out There Until “Somebody” Gets Involved and Helps Them Out Just A Little. If it Sounds Like I Am Begging For Your Support…Well, Guess What? I Am, Because Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed. ( real talk) No Shame Here! Lol

Truly, I Am Blessed, But I Just Felt The Need To Go That Extra Mile Today, and Just Voice my Thoughts. This is Something That I Wish That We Could Learn To Do More of For Each Other. This World Is Waaaaay Too Big For So Much Conflict Over Who Is Going To Be “King or Queen Bee” Musician of Every Small Town Community In The USA. Wish I Had The Money To Give a Taste To Every Musician Trying To Record a Studio or a Demo Project, Market a CD Campaign, Get Them Locally and Nationally Backed By The Public etc. (All the things that it takes to make a small town person) into a major top 10 Billboard Chart Album Seller and eventually Grammy winner.

Once Again, If Not Me…Help Me To Encourage The Next Generation Behind Me…Who Is Going To Be There For Them? Sadly, It Looks Like The COMPUTERS are and Not Us Humans! I Have Learned In This Life To Ask For What I Want. I May Not Always Get It, but Then I Just MIGHT!

We love and totally support Black Diamond over her at the Industry Highlighter says “Carol “Coco” Diggs”. 

Checkout my website:

JC 1 Records & Productions LLC.

Black Diamond Entertainment INC

Sandra Hawkins ‘aka’ Black Diamond




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