BowLegged Lou Big Ups Cheryl Pepsii Riley’s ‘Unsung’ Edition: Story & Classic Pics


*Hey folks, this is Bowlegged Lou of Full Force and I’m so honored & excited about the much anticipated July 1 telecast of TVOne’s UnSung of the incredible Cheryl Pepsii Riley story with a star-studded lineup of people echoing their sentiments of the talents and the person within that is Cheryl Pepsii Riley. Oh yeah, that’s her above and yours truly. It’s my beauty and the Bowlegged beast moment. 🙂

Such folk as the great Tyler Perry who will be representing for Cheryl & who will make his first Unsung debut before the TV cameras as he’s been asked many times to appear on other UnSung episodes and scheduling couldn’t allow for him to partake at those times. Cheryl Pepsii Riley has been in the beginning stage theater trenches with Tyler so it’s only fitting that he is there for her and she is so grateful.

Also in this great Unsung episode you will also see some of Cheryl’s family and friends as well as celebrity stars in the interview chair such as Shemar Moore,Tony Terry,Glenn Jones,Alyson Williams,Bowlegged Lou,Paul Anthony & B-Fine Of Full Force,Ray Chew The Maestro of Showtime At The Apollo,Chandra Currelly, Legendary Record Promotion man Ruben Rodriguez And Jeff Foxx & Lenny Green who are super radio personalities of WBLS radio in New York which is the number one R&B adult contemporary station in the United States. Anyway….I introduce to you Cheryl Pepsii Riley herself in her very own words below.

Thoughts  from Cheryl Pepsii Riley….

Wow! I am so moved by the overwhelming response to Just the announcement that TV ONE is airing an Episode about Me on their Highly Decorated Original Series, UNSUNG!

I must thank TVOne & A.Smith Co, the Unsung producers for even considering me for this show. What a Huge Honor! Working with them on both the Full Force and the Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam episodes was cool. Gotta say though, that when it came to an episode on me, initially I was hesitant. I have sooooooo much more I wanna do, that I just keep pushing and grinding.

This experience made me have to stop and realize that I had still done so much already! I am so Grateful and Humbled by the opportunity because if forced me to get out of my own way and my head so that I could take a second to really look back and appreciate this journey called My Life.

What I came to understand, is that there were and are so many people who played such integral parts in my life‘s mission, who really had so much they wanted to say and share. When I mentioned it to My Mom, My Son, My Nieces and Nephew (who are really also My Son and Daughters), My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins…. I Mean, They were Ecstatic!

This process was as much about them, if not More, than it was about Me! And Real Talk, My Story could Never be told without Them!

As I started putting together a list of people who were a part of this journey, career wise, I found myself remembering moments, smiling, laughing and crying tears of gratitude. Of course, My Full Force Family, who I’d known since before their recording days.

When we were both just local groups (me with my Besties in Our group, StarGaze and them, Full Force) in Brooklyn trying to get in the game.

Bow-Legged Lou, who I met doing community theater way back then, is Still Always looking out for me and everyone he calls friend!








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