R. Kelly’s ‘Spirit’ Moved Him to Talk to Gayle King

*If you’re looking for a reason as to WHY in the world R. Kelly would go on TV and end up looking like a crazed maniac while trying to explain away the the sexual abuse allegations against him, it was his “spirit” that moved him to to do it.

Hmm, spirit or “spirits?” Maybe he was drunk when he made the decision? At least that’s what could be argued.

However, as the world knows, thin gs quickly went south  in the CBS interview — his first public comments since being arrested on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse — shouting in Gayle’s face, exploding at the cameras, calling his accusers liars and wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

Again, maybe it was the “spirits” and not the “spirit” that influenced him to act a fool as he did.

And if you think that Kellz was just “acting,” think again. He supposedly could give “zero f**ks” about the way he came off in the now infamous interview, says Kelly.


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