*“The Wendy Williams Show” is being accused of discriminating against a white audience member and her friends because of their age and race.

Page Six reports that Diane Stevens, a frequent audience member at talk shows, claims that on Feb. 14, she and two friends attended a taping of the hit daytime talker, only to be left feeling humiliated for being women of a certain age.

“I was coming from The Bronx, and I had to take a bus and two trains,” the 60-year-old says.

Stevens claims Wendy’s staffers took away their ticket stubs and escorted them out of the building, the report states.

“It was so humiliating,” she said, noting that three, young Black women were given the tickets, so she believes the decision was racially motivated as well.

A spokesperson from the show replied to the accusations, stating, “We have the best audience in daytime and we provide a welcoming, fun environment for all of Wendy’s co-hosts [as Williams refers to her audience].”

On Tuesday, Williams confirmed long held rumors that she’s battling addiction issues by revealing that she’s been living in a sober house.

We applaud Wendy for sharing and wish her the best in her recovery.


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