*”Us,” the Jordan Peele follow up to “Get Out,” is not only number one, but it has scared up a box office record.

According to reports, the Universal pictures/Monkeypaw productions horror/shocker/mind bender of a film has already grossed over $70 million in North America in just its opening weekend.

With that box office take, “Us” claims the record for the largest opening weekend ever for an original horror movie, even outpacing “A Quiet Place.”  And as far as comparing it to his first film, the critically acclaimed “Get Out,” there is no comparison, as far as the bottom line is concerned. It easily surpassed the $33 million debut of “Get Out,” according to Forbes.

There’s more. Peele’s film also beat “Ted” as the biggest release for an original R-rated film.

“Us” stars Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson, the mother of a family of four who are met with a creepy version of themselves while on a beach vacation. The film has been the second-biggest debut of the year, after Marvel’s

“Captain Marvel,” reports EW.

On the international tip, a CNBC report says that “Us” has drawn $16.7 million internationally, making its worldwide gross $86.9 million and counting. Another way of looking at the situation, is that  the film’s cash intake has surpassed its reported $20 million budget.

At this point, Jordan Peele can pretty much do whatever he wants, film wise. He can literally write his own ticket in Hollywood.

He’s the man!


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