On a day that saw the memorial service for Nipsey Hussle and Wendy Williams filing for divorce, the folks over at “The Talk” are certainly talking about it.

First, there was talk about Williams filing for divorce from her husband on Thursday amid cheating allegations.

“I think if everything that’s alleged is true, it’s about damn time. And we all want to love and support her, but you can’t support someone that is in denial… everything is not fine,” Sheryl Underwood says. “I hope that this changes her spirit, that instead of downing people, she’s gonna uplift people, especially women.”

Eve adds: “This is part of her road to recovery, and I’m so happy that she is now getting out of it. There were reports that he was also abusive to her… but this is going to help other women as well…”

Sharon Osbourne shares: “You can only back someone if it’s their decision…And hope he doesn’t take half the kingdom.”

Sara Gilbert says: “I think this is probably one of those circumstances where you want something because you have no other choice at some point, right?  But if your husband really has a mistress and there is a baby, it forces your hand… We wish her the best.” 

Secondly, on the subject of Nipsey Hussle … Sheryl Underwood and Eve get emotional over the beloved rapper’s sudden death and legacy.

“Nipsey was one of the good guys… He was doing programs to send kids to Silicon Valley. He was funding STEM programs, so little kids in the inner city could understand that you could be a scientist, you could be an entrepreneur… He was putting people to work at his Marathon store, that changed their quality of life. He was doing it the way Americans want you to do it,” reflects Sheryl Underwood. “And everytime I saw him, because I didn’t cross his path a lot, but he would say ‘Sheryl, you make me laugh’ and I was like, ‘Brother, you make me proud.’”

Eve adds: “I got a chance to meet him at the Grammy’s… People that have flown across the world to come to his funeral, his life was not in vain… I think will just inspire other people in other communities to please please go do what you can. Go be a light in someone else’s life, take what you have and go help other people, and that’s what he did. May he rest in peace.”

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