*Tiger Woods’ estranged relatives are speaking out about how the golf champ has turned his back on his ailing brother.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, Woods’ niece Charmaine Letuli says the family hasn’t heard from the five-time Masters champion since the death of their father, Earl Woods Sr., in 2006.

Letuli’s dad, Kevin Woods, is Tiger’s half-brother and he’s been in a nursing home for more than a year suffering with multiple sclerosis. Despite Tiger being worth a reported $800 million, Letuli, 46, said he hasn’t contributed financially to his brother’s care.

olfer Tiger Woods looks on from the sidelines during an NCAA football game between the Washington State Cougars and Stanford Cardinal at Stanford Stadium on October 8, 2016 in Palo Alto, California.

“I don’t understand it,” said Letuli. “We raise our kids to take care of their family. It just saddens me to see my dad suffer when the cost of getting him a caretaker and moving him home would be nothing more than a drop in the bucket for Tiger.”

She added: “It would make my dad the happiest person in the world!”

Kevin, 61, is one of Woods’ three half-siblings from his father’s first marriage to the late Barbara Gary. Back in 2013, the family, who were once very close, confirmed that Tiger dropped out of their lives as he achieved fame and stardom.

Kevin, who is blind, immobile and losing his memory, “needs full-time care and assistance for everything from eating to getting out of bed,” according to Letuli.

“I just want to bring my father home,” she added. “He’s living on Social Security and disability and lost his home because of his condition. But he never complains.”

Kevin refuses to ask Woods for money and Letuli says she won’t either because. “My dad would think it’s overstepping,” she told Radar.


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