*This past Saturday, celebrities and fans gathered at the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard for the world premiere of the latest addition to the “Fast and Furious” franchise, “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.”

“We wanted to make sure we had an element of family and heart. But also we want to make sure that we have our own identity. And create something that was fun, that was unique and that was fresh.”

hobbs & shaw - Filmmaker David Leitch

Filmmaker David Leitch speaks.

The film features a brand new villain played by Elba and introduces a force of fighting females portrayed by Vanessa Kirby and Eiza González. Additionally, culture became a part of the movie’s theme. The film features some of Johnson’s Samoan lineage and tradition.

“One of the anchoring elements of our movie is culture. “I am half Black and half Samoan,” Johnson said as he was interrupted by cheers and praise from the crowd. “It’s deep and personal to me, and these guys know it, too because this is the first time that the culture of Samoa has ever been showcased in a global movie like this. So I’m very excited.

But the cast and the film weren’t the only electrifying elements of the evening; about the 30 minutes into the film’s screening, an electrical grid toward the front of the theater started to spark. The sparks caused flashing and loud popping noises that went through the room and the sparks eventually traveled upward from the floor into the center of the orchestra and came back towards a section of seats. One by one, guests began running from the theater in a panic. Security did not officially evacuate the room but guests were denied reentry until it was cleared for safety.

hobbs & shaw - Crowd Returning To Seats After Electrical Spark Scare

The crowd at the ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ screening returned to its seats after an electrical spark stopped the screening until it was declared safe.

The incident lasted about 15 minutes and the screening continued. But before continuing, film’s director David Leitch and Johnson took the stage to address the mishap.

“It was an accident, somebody kicked some juice into an electrical box and there was some small sparkling, but they are going to clean it up and they are securing that area so it’s fine,” said Leitch.

“’Hobbs and Shaw is’ going to continue tonight,” Johnson exclaimed. “Just for the record, I stood right there. My security was like, ‘Sir, let’s go,’ and I said ‘No, no, no. I’m staying here to make sure all the people are safe,” Johnson added. The actor then jokingly said his co-lead actor Statham left the building. “Jason Statham ran his ass so far…”

The night ended with the rest of the film’s showing, which featured several cameos and new storylines.

Story/photos by Raquel Rocky Harris/


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