*Former “Suits” star Gina Torres is making history as the first afro-Latina creator, producer and star of a network series.

Her new show “Pearson” is a spin-off of ” Suits” and stars Torres reprising her role as Jessica Pearson. The series premiered July 17 on the USA network. 

Torres was more than thrilled to revive the character that has earned her “three Imagen Foundation Awards for Best Supporting Actress, as well as an American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) award nomination for Favorite TV Actress-Supporting Role,” per NBC News

“I became fascinated with what was unfolding in front of me. There were so many interesting questions about loyalty and the power grab of it all,” Torres said. A

s noted by NBC News, “Pearson’s story arc on “Suits” ended after she was disbarred for defending a colleague who never passed the bar but had pretended to be a lawyer.”

“Pearson” is a continuation her narrative — taking place in the intense world of Chicago politics.

“Chicago is so thick and rich with history; it’s a microcosm of what’s going on in the country — gun and gang violence, immigration, disparities between the rich and the poor, racial division, historic political corruption,” Torres said. “There’s no want for storylines.”

When it comes to being the boss on set, Torres said: “Being an executive was shockingly easy. God knows I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to share it. And the cast and crew was collaborative and understanding, recognizing that my voice is essential.” 

Adding, “I never pretended to be anything other than who I am … if people want to project their ideas of what I should be unto me, that’s not my problem,” she added. “If I have served as an instrument for education that Latinas can look any myriad of ways, I’m happy. There’s Cameron Diaz, there’s me and everything in between.”


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