*Tamron Hall is just a few days away from debuting her brand new talk show and she’s tapped her gurl, Fantasia, to be the voice of the show’s theme song.

“Tamron Hall” is Tamron Hall’s new show that will be coming your way daily starting Monday. The nationally syndicated show will be based in New York City.

The show promises to give viewers content that will stimulate both sides of your brain. In short, among other things, Tamron will be connecting with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging and entertaining conversations.

As TheYBF put it, “She’s a new mom, a newlywed and a new force in daytime, and we’re here for a fresh voice in the space. Oh, and she’s serving as an executive producer too.”

With that kind of insight and power, maybe that’s why Tamron gave a nod to Fantasia to be the voice of her theme song, “Shine.” But, more than that, apparently, she and Fannie met a few years ago at her concert and knew Tamron knew right there and then that she needed Fantasia’s voice for the song.

Here’s what Tamron has to say about Fantasia:
“Fantasia in a word is everything – she has been an inspiration and a friend to me for many years. Her story, her life and her presence shakes me to my core – from the first time I saw her on ‘American Idol’ to the time I saw her perform and move the crowd at The Apollo. I knew I wanted to partner with her in some way; I didn’t know then that it would be for the theme song for my daytime talk show, but I knew we were destined to do something together. She embodies what it means to be a woman – she is loving and giving to others, and she shines.”

Here’s Fantasia’s response:
“It was a pleasure and honor to record ‘Shine’ – the theme song for Tamron Hall’s new daytime show. I’ve been a fan of hers for many years as she represents all women out there who are strong, smart, hardworking, and resilient. Women who are taking care of business while operating at high levels as great mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces etc. This song represents the positive energy that these types of women fight to bring into their own communities and I know Tamron will bring the same approach to viewers nation-wide with her new show.’


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