Jakes Divinity School Spotlights Innovative Ministry in Church & Society School Opens Enrollment for Fall

DALLAS, Sept. 5, 2019—As culture is changing and technology advancing, ministry is no longer confined by the doors of the church. For those interested in learning more about how faith relates to everyday life to those who sense a call to innovative ministries—from community leaders to entrepreneurs—Jakes Divinity School is providing theological training for anyone desiring to live out a Christian worldview through all facets of society. The Jakes Divinity School is kicking off its inaugural semester and those interested are encouraged to apply quickly to join the next cohort.
“I want to pour into the next generation of leaders and ministers. We need innovative leadership and Spiritual formation to advance God’s work for generations to come in both church and society,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder and chancellor of Jakes Divinity School.
Unlike seminaries that tend to focus solely on traditional vocational ministry, Jakes School of Divinity mirrors the multi-dimensional foci of Jakes’ life and ministry such as: the art of presentation, leadership, entrepreneurship, global humanitarianism, entertainment and media. Programs are fully online with two one-week residency opportunities each year to enhance experiential learning and networking.
“Theological education is changing. The bubble has burst. Ministry is no longer confined to traditional categories. The needs are great in our world. Ministry and leadership formation is now challenged to rise to the occasion of preparing women and men for innovative, biblically sound, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit infused leadership that inspires religious and social transformations for the common good,” said Antipas Harris, president and dean of Jakes Divinity School.
Jakes Divinity School provides academic rigor with experiential learning, spiritual formation and creative innovation to prepare leaders for the future of ministry in both the church and society. The curriculum incorporates preaching, worship, biblical thought, tacit knowledge and quality instruction. On Oct. 24 and 25 the Jakes Divinity School will host its inaugural Symposium on the Holy Spirit & Theological Education. Speakers include Leonard Sweet, scholar, theologian and futurist, and Yolanda Pierce, dean of Howard University School of Divinity.
Jakes Divinity School offers fully accredited degrees through its university partners Vanguard University and North Central University. The school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with five concentrations, Bachelor of Science degrees in humanitarian leadership and church leadership, Master’s degrees in leadership studies and theological studies. A Doctor of Ministry is set to launch fall 2020 along with professional and continuing education in pastoral care and guidance, women in leadership, Africa’s presence in Christianity, Latino/Latina ministry leadership and reading the Bible for all its worth.
“Our new partnership with Jakes Divinity School to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Master of Arts in Theology will feature Vanguard curriculum with an infusion of Bishop Jakes’ DNA. He has a tremendous platform of influence in the body of Christ, and we are excited to work with him to train leaders, pastors and missionaries all over the world. I anticipate wonderful fruit in the kingdom of God from the seeds that we plant in the soil today through this partnership!” said Dr. Michael J. Beals, president of Vanguard University.


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