Just how old are you anyway, dear reader? If you’re of a certain age then you know Tyler Perry and Spike Lee have had some differences in opinion over the years.

To be honest, Spike Lee would call out Perry’s choice of comedy and use of drag as a comic device in his Madea franchise, and Perry was mostly telling him to GTFOH with that B.S.

But civility seems to have arrived with the onset of time and respect as Tyler Perry recently named one of his soundstages at the new, state of the art, Tyler Perry Studios, after his former creative adversary, as you can see in his appearance on TMZ Live in the video above.

Those of a certain age can easily recall Lee calling the Madea franchise “coonery and buffoonery.”

As far as squashing beefs go, this is right up there with Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim. Sometimes you reach a point in life where the only thing that matters is peace of mind, rather than the desire to always give someone a piece of your mind.

Others who had their name tacked onto these gigantic and modern sound stages are Oprah, of course, Diahann Carroll, John Singleton, Della Reese, Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.


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