*Shortly after Beyoncé dropped her latest fashion collection, some savvy fanatics noted that the singer’s new maroon and orange ensembles resemble the uniforms worn by workers at Popeye’s

We previously reported.. Beyoncé teamed with Adidas in relaunching her athletic brand Ivy Park, and the line quickly sold out. But the marketing folks at the fast-food chain are hoping to fill the void. 

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adidas x IVY PARK E-comm takeover

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“Popeyes is now offering fashion seekers who missed the boat the first time a chance to score something nearly identical,” a spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch by email.

The company is now selling its own uniforms at www.thatlookfrompopeyes.com.

The items being offered include a hooded jacket, t-shirt, sweatshirt, tunic, jacket, polo and three hats. Prices range from $10 to $40, per Washington Post

According to the report, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Popeyes Foundation, a charity that aims to “strengthen our communities with food and support in times of need.”

In related news, many Bey fans have slammed her Adidas x Ivy Park collection because it offers little for the plus-size community. 

Several people shared their frustrations online. According to a press release, the line was only made available in sizes XS – XL; at Adidas, an XL translates to a size 16/18, per Teen Vogue

“We can love her and still say Bey is wrong for Ivy Park’s size exclusion,” tweeted essayist Candice Marie Benbow. “You can’t celebrate the inclusivity of your other projects, having plus size dancers and background singers, but ignore us again when it comes to this. The exclusion is intentional and I’m tired.”

“Ivy Park not having plus sizes is so gross considering Adidas did 6.41 billion in revenue last quarter and nothing they’re selling is so revolutionary that it would take time to size up. They can afford to and they know how to. They CHOSE not to,” tweeted another user.

From the editors desk: Who in the world knew it would be so popular? Anything Beyonce inspired is guaranteed to fly off shelves, says Coco Diggs.


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