Hell’s Kitchen & Caesars Palace Vegas Welcomes The Highlighter Team

(Las Vegas) The Industry Highlighter Magazine continues to take our readers behind the scenes of today’s best travel sites. As, we all know Las Vegas is one of the premiere travel spots in the USA; from show-stopping entertainment and exhilarating sporting events to the top expos, Las Vegas is where the most influential brands and VIP’s gather.

This was a great experience at Gordon Ramsey’s – Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace. The food was mouth watering. You will just fall in love with it. I give it a rating of 10 from my first two visits. I had the pleasure of both lunch and dinner. Everything was so clean and well maintained.

The host, waiters and bartenders were all very respectful, provided great services and made sure I was taken care of properly throughout my entire visit.

I recommend this Hell’s Kitchen location to any and everyone visiting the Las Vegas area, staying at Caesars Palace or not, this is a must place to visit.

Hell’s Kitchen will certainly keep you wanting to come back for more. Not just for the food, but to enjoy a nice variety of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages. Have the urge for a nice drink or a full course meal? I personally found my meal choice very satisfying to my taste buds. Served up with flavors that are explosive.

The shrimp cocktails drew me in automatically as it was being served to me, I could not believe the portion and size of the shrimp as you notice in the images above. To think that was just my appetizer . Dinner could not get any better by indulging in the Lobster Risotto.

(Chef Michelle Tribble, HK Winner of Season 17)

Chef Michelle (Season 17 winner of Hells Kitchen) works as the head chef in Las Vegas Nevada at Caesars Palace Hell’s Kitchen. When she first came out, she tapped me on the back and said so I heard I has a fan in the building , we both laughed and shook hands as I professionally introduced myself. We spoke about her amazing work and bringing her dream to life. She sat with me for awhile. Chef Michelle has such a humble attitude, outstanding energy and simply loving personality. Her skills and personality combined makes her a true diamond. This made it even more memorable thanks to receiving my Hell’s kitchen jacket and specially signed to my beloved husbands David Holder and Myself. With the bonus of the autographed shirt and bag Kay and KJ Libert. 

Not only did I enjoy the experience of Hell’s kitchen, I was able to have an wonderful 4 night stay at what I would call luxury hotel, the entire time of this fully accommodated trip and stay was like living the royalty life. The feeling of being in a actual palace actually made me feel more of a Queen. Because the love and passion of adventure and capturing images the structure and landmark draws me in personally, as I am sure it will do the same for you.

Here at Caesars Palace you are able to unwind and connect to the other side of relaxation. Caesars Palace is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada and has a large range of stylish modernized rooms that fit your conform needs such as the Palace Premium Room, Octavius Premium Room, Palace Premium Room, and Julius Deluxe Room.

Media/Travel Coverage by: Latrese Boston-Holder @ industryhighlighter@outlook.com


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