‘Highway to Heaven’ Reboot Starring Jill Scott & Barry Watson Coming to Lifetime! / VIDEO

Jill Scott – Barry Watson

*The 1980s drama series “Highway to Heaven” is getting a remake on Lifetime, with Jill Scott casting as the protagonist alongside Barry Watson, the network announced this past Thursday, reports Urban Hollywood 411.

Scott will be playing an angel named Angela, who comes down to Earth to help people in crisis. She reveals her true identity to the junior high school principal, Bruce (Watson).

Although she hasn’t appeared in that many movies and TV shows, the ones she has done have definitely been right up her alley, as they emphasize her charismatic personality. This is just one of the many reasons why she was the perfect pick from a new perspective to star in this remake.

“Jill amplifies everything she touches in ways that make her pop off the screen,” Tanya Lopez, EVP of scripted programming for Lifetime & LMN, said in a statement. “And the addition of Barry was just icing on the cake. I believe we have assembled a dynamic new duo with both Jill and Barry at the helm.”

What really makes this remake unique is its relevant incorporation of social and emotional issues. The network sees this reboot as a chance to “inspire hope and community” and from a more in-depth angle the original television drama series.

The new movie series has been approved by Cindy Landon and the Michael Landon Estate and the first film in the series is produced by Rain Productions and Propagate for Lifetime. Scott is also one of the executive producers on the film accompanied by others, including Stacey K. Black etc.

Well with the numerous amounts of professionals working diligently on the project, we expect nothing less than a masterpiece.

With high anticipations, we all wait to see the marvelous rendition of ‘Highway to Heaven’ air later this Fall!


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