Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving: A Vegas Ultimate Attraction!

The Industry Highlighter Magazine Street Team and Skydive Instructor McFly

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving, but didn’t want to commit to jumping out of an airplane? Almost everyone wants to fly and flying your body in a column of wind is one of the purest forms of flight there is. It allows you to freely fly your body and effortlessly control your movements. Indoor skydiving is an activity that almost anyone can partake in. Participants wear gear that includes a jumpsuit, goggles, a helmet, eye protection, and earplugs (for the noise). Each participant will fly within a column of wind created by a vertical wind tunnel. Flyers are accompanied by a rated safety instructor that helps flyers learn to control their bodies within the airflow.

Visiting Las Vegas? The Industry Highlighter Magazine was excited to tour and experience the Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving attraction as our first venue to Highlight. This will definitely be a part of our upcoming Top 10 Attractions in Vegas (Travel Edition). Latresa aka Just Lynn takes you behind the scenes on this exciting adventure.

“Just getting geared up alone made me feel like I had already begun to float. It was like becoming the butterfly I’ve always thought about being and feeling free. The clothing fit well, was very comfortable, clean, sanitized & well put together. The colors are great! It’s like you’re in a dream world and it allows you to be the pilot. “, says Latresa Boston-Holder.

Here’s what one attendee had to say ” It was fun, exhilarating and easy!”

The true art of flying and instruction shown right here. A real adrenaline rush!

The Industry Highlighter street team members took on this amazing adventure. We would like to send a big shout out to Joseph Hawkins all the way from Chicago, Illinois for being the first official Industry Highlighter Magazine street team member under the supervision of Latresa Boston-Holder (Press/Photojournalist and Street Team Manager). Joseph explained his experience as being different, adventurous fun, with nice wind. It was smooth sailing with instructor McFly. Noting he was an extremely great instructor, very relaxing, calming and professional. He would definitely come fly with McFly again. The entire staff was amazing at this venue. It was definitely mind-blowing experience. Joseph would recommend this place as a top adventure to take on when visiting Las Vegas.

Some famous visitors over the years have included Charles Barkley, Travis Pastrana, Robert Griffen III, Kevin Lee, Macaulay Culkin, Jeremy Evans, and Drew Carey.

Media Interviewer: Latresa Boston-Holder ( and Editor-in-Chief: Carol Coco Diggs (


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