Bearizona: Top Wildlife Attraction in Arizona

Bearizona Wildlife Park
Coverage by Latresa Holder, Executive Assistant/Interviewer and Edited by Carol Coco Diggs, Editor-in-Chief

When planning a vacation or a traveling adventure one of the biggest tasks is determining where to go. With a family or even as a single person traveling it should be a fun and memorable experience. Our great team at The Industry Highlighter Magazine is always on the go discovering fabulous places for you to visit. One of our top picks this year is Bearizona Wildlife Park. Our very own executive assistant and street team supervisor Mrs. Latresa” JustLynn” Holder was given an opportunity to select a few places to explore and feature in The Industry Highlighter Magazine and Bearizona was one of her main choices.

Bearizona invites visitors to get up close to Arizona wilderness and experience the animals in their natural habitats. You can drive or walk-thru the park and visit with the bears, jaguars, seals and so many more animals.

Bearizona staff members Kari St.Clair and Norm Westerdale did a fabulous job of taking Lynn and the street team on a grand tour of the Bearizona Wildlife Park.

Just Lynn and Norm got the official tour started. To get your official Bearizona experience with Norm and the crew give them a buzz.

Here are just a few photos of the animals from our experience below.

Bearizona is focused on educating people about wild animals and the habitats in which they live. Norm and Kari showed us first-hand how incredible each animal and their habitats are from bears to seals. Top predators like the bears, wolves, otters and jaguars are taken care of with routine nail trims, and veterinary services.

Walk-Thru Map

Walk Through Map

Drive-Thru Map

Drive Through Map

The park is very spacious and allows prevention of crowding guests into small spaces due to COVID-19. You never know what might happen during a stroll thru the park. Most encounters will be operated without any scheduling and can appear at the most unexpected times while taking a stroll through the park but keep a close eye on their new Bearizona app for possible clues about upcoming animal interactions.

Bearizona is a 158-acre facility accredited by the Zoological Association of America and is currently home to 39 black bears and many other species of North American wildlife. The drive- and walk-through park’s mission is to rescue wild animals in need of new homes and promote conservation by inviting visitors to view wildlife in spacious, natural environments. Since it was founded in 2010, Bearizona has fast become a must-see attraction when visiting the Grand Canyon’s South Rim or driving through Northern Arizona. It was voted among the top three wildlife parks by the annual USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards twice in the past three years.

For more information, visit

MRS. LATRESA HOLDER AKA JUST LYNN gives a special shout out to new street team members:

Main assistant in training young actress/model and photojournalist/mini street team member De’Layla Wilcox and Assistant to Mrs. Holder for our Arizona Street Team.

A special thanks to the rest of our street team who are lead through these special assignments by Mrs. Holder also known as Just Lynn. Just Lynn is leading teams from Arizona, Las Vegas, Chicago, California, and will be expanding.

Team members that were on assignment with Mrs. Holder at Bearizona are as follows:

Kenneth Lane– Shout out on your first assignment and interview

Lesiha Lane– Shout out to you on your first interviews

Ron Harlin- Shout out on your first assistant assignment, interview and still photo credits under direction of Mrs. Latresa Holder

Keemari Boston– interview and still photo credits under directions from Mrs. Latresa Holder (Mini Street team)

Last but not least our youngest street team member in training as we have our baby boomers’ mini team.

Some of the images shared we like to give photo credits to the street team crew that were all led and directed by Mrs. Latresa Holder, Executive Assistant, Interviewer, Photojournalist Street Team Leader among many other titles.

Davida Wilcox– Who is already learning to use the camera and go on special assignments at under 4 years of age. Yes, even learning to ask questions and process the understanding of the business world.

To book Mrs. Holder or her street team contact CEO, Mrs. Carol CoCo Diggs at 919-307-5558 email: or reach Mrs. Holder at 702- 628-2135 via email: or

***Thank you to Mr. Dave and Mr. Casey for a wonderful experience and amazing adventure at Bearizona Wildlife Park. We have been sharing of this experience since our original tour. Keep up the excellent work preserving our wildlife. (Exclusively, Mrs. Diggs and Mrs. Holder)


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