Celebrity Backed Voter Registration with LisaRaye, Terry Crews, Adriane Hopper Williams and Anthony Hemingway


*Los Angeles – the 2nd Annual BAY IN LA kicked off WOKE UP, a celebrity backed voter registration drive.

This awesome, relevant, timely event was superbly produced by Andre Farr, International (AFI) and sponsored by Carnival Corporation PLC, the worlds largest travel company.

The event took place at Macy’s Bridge inside the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Saturday, September 1st, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Capri Investment Group, the developer and manager of BHCP, opened its doors for this significant effort.

Popular DJ EQUE held it down on the ones and twos, spinning energetic, classic R&B and soul tunes, in conjunction with the energy of the venue.

Andre Farr got the program underway with welcome remarks and extended an invite for the VIP’s to come forward to register to vote. A powerful group of celebrities were in attendance to register voters. Anthony Hemingway, (Film Director- Red Tails, Underground, American Crime Story), LisaRaye, (Actress-Ballers), Adriane Hopper Williams, (Emmy Award Winning Television Producer), Terry Crews, (Actor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Olga Aguilar, (Actress), Edwins Hodge, (Actor), Aldis Hodge, (Actor, Hidden Figures), and Mitch Richmond, (NBA Hall of Fame).

The movement is picking up momentum, proof of the large turnout on this the first day of September. Rosario Cruz was the youngest person to step forward to register to vote. Guest and voters were engaged with a popular Photo booth with various props.


Black Sports Agents Association CEO & Chairman Andre Farr initiated the WOKE UP campaign to increase civic engagement and voter registration for all Americans, regardless of affiliation, gender, race or socioeconomic status.

“With WOKE UP, we hope to reach out to American’s who feel powerless. It helps them to truly understand that voting is power. Civic action is far more influential than simply complaining. A diverse democracy will provide a better indication of the true wants and needs of all Americans to our leaders,” Farr explains.

“Voting is at the core of citizenship. At Capri, we seek to uplift and improve every community we invest in, and think there is no better way to accomplish this than by getting community residents involved in the electoral process. We believe this is the first and most fundamental building block towards revitalizing areas that have been disenfranchised and compromised through under investment,” Capri CEO & Chairman Quintin Primo said in a written statement.

The celebrities who attended BAY IN LA, an annual event centered on purpose-related civic engagement for Los Angeles and Bay-area influencers, and IntraLink Global, a digital and branding agency focused on purpose-driven brands, also partnered with AFI on WOKE UP.

The 2nd Annual BAY IN LA Day Party timing couldn’t have been better, as we as a Nation get ready for this pivotal time for the upcoming Midterm elections.

Ricky Richardson is a Southern California based writer, music reviewer and photographer. Contact him via: liltampared@netzero.net