tasha-smithFortunately, the Grammy Foundation and MusiCares have awarded a generous grant to aid Motown alum Roosevelt “Bucky” Smith with his mounting medical bills.

Smith who has been in a care facility since September 2016 is recovering well. He says he is very grateful for the grant. A similar grant is pending at the Actor’s Fund.


Meanwhile, as we reported back in October, Smith’s granddaughter, actress Tasha Smith – best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse – had promised her ailing grandfather that she would contact him when she returned from location. She also said she would rally the family to come to his aid. According to Smith, he has not heard again from her.

 An acquaintance, Larry Buford, who has been assisting Smith with maintaining his bills and working with social workers on his behalf says his family should be involved. Buford says:

“I went to see Bucky one day in early September because I couldn’t reach him by phone. He was unable to walk so I went out and got some things he needed. The next thing I knew he was hospitalized, then transferred to a care facility. Since then I have been assisting with paying his bills and maintaining contact with social workers, but I don’t know how much longer I can continue…I have other obligations. His family should be involved.”
Smith has misplaced a list of phone numbers he had of his children and others. Buford unsuccessfully checked his cell phone for stored numbers but found none for Smith’s family. His tweets to Tasha Smith have gone unanswered so he hopes an open appeal will prompt a response. Once (Bucky) Smith is given a release date, he can then apply for home care, and he’ll still need a network of support to do his banking and maintain his household needs.

Smith was a valet/road manager for many of the early Motown acts like The Temptations. He later became an actor and stuntman, and was one of the characters in the “Planet of the Apes” series. He has also appeared in other prime time TV shows like “Colombo” and “The Rookies.” He is a card-carrying member of SAG/AFTRA for his acting career.

When he got the call from Brett Bryngelson at MusiCares that the application had been approved, Buford said he felt relieved that he was getting some much-needed support.

“We are happy we can assist Mr. Smith,” said Bryngelson.

For further information, Buford can be reached at (213) 220-8101. Bucky can be contacted direct at (323) 479-2478. He’s located at California Post-Acute Care Services, 3615 E. Imperial Hwy, Lynwood, CA 90262, Phone: (310) 639-4623


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