Bill Cosby, Norristown, USA - 26 Apr 2018
*Well look who’s become Mr. Popularity behind bars. Well, actually it shouldn’t come as any surprise ’cause we’re talking about the Coz, Bill Cosby.

He’s said to be at the top of the list of when it comes to prisoner faves at the State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Pennsylvania, according to Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s spokesperson.

Speaking with TMZ, Wyatt says he’s visited Cosby more than a dozen times, and whenever the disgraced TV father enters the visiting area, other inmates and their families shower him with cheers and applause.

What’s interesting is that one of Cosby’s biggest supporters is a white, female correction staff officer who grew up watching “The Cosby Show.”

Here’s more from TMZ:

Wyatt says the other guards are also very respectful — they call him Mr. Cosby — and the comedian often jokes around and regales them with stories … especially of his days on “I Spy.”

On top of getting the celeb treatment, we’re told the other inmates and their visitors let Cosby know they think it’s wrong he’s locked up … and blame a “corrupt” judge and DA in Montgomery County for his conviction.

Wyatt’s statement to the media when Cosby was sentenced in September — he called the trial “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States” — echo this sentiment.

BTW — Interest in Cosby isn’t limited to inside the prison walls. We broke the story … someone tried to use a drone flyover to get a shot of Cosby last week in the prison yard. Still no word if it was successful.


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