Tyler Perry Involved In Car Accident In Los Angeles

Tyler Perry reportedly is lucky to have not been hurt worse after his car was involved in a wreck just minutes after he landed in Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources said the 52-year-old actor had left the airport in his white Bentley SUV when his car crashed into a Honda Accord, TMZ reported in a piece published Thursday.

The person driving the Honda reportedly cut across three lanes of traffic and right into Perry’s direction, sources told the outlet.

Police sources said the driver ended up right in the “Madea’s Family Reunion” star’s path and the actor hit the car on the driver’s side.

The female driving the Accord has reportedly confessed to being at fault for the accident, sources told the outlet.

Police nearby were able to reportedly divert traffic and make sure everyone was taken care of.

Both the “Tyler Perry’s Sistas” star and the driver of the other car were reportedly not injured seriously in the car wreck and no one went to the hospital.

Despite the look of both Perry’s car and the smashed-up Honda, police sources said no report was taken and the matter will reportedly be handled privately. Glad they are okay.


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